Photo weekend!

Hi all! Just a quick post to say “hey” as the month of June comes to a close–all too quickly, right? I’ve got two sessions coming up this weekend, and I’m so excited to photograph two families who each have two active toddlers–it should be a blast! I’ll be in Hammond, Indiana on Saturday and Park Ridge, Illinois on Sunday; keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain! 

In other news, my cousin Sara and her husband Mark welcomed a new baby girl this week: Amelia Katherine, who was 8 lbs, 7 oz. and 19.5 inches long. Congrats to Sara, Mark, and big sister Julia!

Hope the week is ending well for you!




Summer softball!

Happy Friday, all! I had the chance to do some Event photography this week, photographing one of this business’ namesakes–my goddaughter Maggie, age 11.5–as she showed off some softball skills in Macomb, Illinois. After she pitched for the win and went 3-for-3, including 2 home runs, I told Maggie that she definitely lived up to her “Hollywood” nickname. She just wanted to see my photos to check on her pitching form, something she’s worked on perfecting by watching countless YouTube videos of Jennie Finch and Cat Osterman. She’s not messing around, folks!

Do you have an event that your kids are participating in–a game, a meet, a recital, a performance–that you’d like me to document in photos? Just let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m off to Saugatuck, Michigan to check out my parents’ new “baby”: the lakeside cottage they just finished building. It’s going to be great!



A Day in the Life of Julia.

Well, today, I was lucky enough to do “A Day in the Life” session with almost-1.5-year-old Julia: we played in the living room, with Julia showing off her new two-handed-over-the-head throwing technique; we walked in a nearby field; and we played in the park and enjoyed the warm afternoon. She’s such a sweet girl with an infectious laugh, and we had a great day. And dang–the lil’ gal takes some wonderful photos, which you can see below in just a few of the shots from today.

Keep in mind that I can tailor a session to whatever suits your family’s needs, accomodating naptimes, location requests, anything at all–today we made sure I showed up after one of Julia’s naps and snacks so that she was happy and ready to rock. In a few weeks, I’ll be traveling to northwest Indiana to photograph a family with two boys under the age of 3–I’m looking forward to meeting them and traveling across state lines!

Let me know if Maggie Paige Photography can help capture some summer memories for you; the weather is finally warming up and the sun seems determined to shine–hooray for that, right?


Book it.

It’s been a few days since the official launch of the website, and I’ve booked an on-site session–woo-hoo! I’ll be up in Park Ridge taking photos of the Shaw family; Gretchen is a former dorm neighbor and old friend from college, and while she and I have some pretty legit photos from dorm shenanigans during our freshman year (I believe we put Gretchen’s roommate’s swimsuits on OVER our pajamas one night–wild stuff, I know), Gretchen’s looking forward to getting some real family photographs taken this summer. I’ve never met her kids or her husband, so I’m really looking forward to it!

In other news, I’m getting a new dishwasher tomorrow. This is not relevant to photography, but it is relevant to my happiness and the state of the skin on my dish-scrubbing hands (currently: moderately dry). Fingers crossed that all is solved by this glorious Whirpool device!

Hope the week has been good to y’all thus far! 

Happy summer!

Hi there! I’m excited to officially launch Maggie Paige Photography and to welcome the beginning of summer! I know summer doesn’t TECHNICALLY start until June 21, the summer solstice or what-have-you, but as a teacher, summer began the day the students left the building and I finished grading those essay exams. Woot, holla, hello June.

I look forward to hearing from you and taking pictures of your adorable kids. Take a look around and let me know what I can do for you!