Summer softball!

Happy Friday, all! I had the chance to do some Event photography this week, photographing one of this business’ namesakes–my goddaughter Maggie, age 11.5–as she showed off some softball skills in Macomb, Illinois. After she pitched for the win and went 3-for-3, including 2 home runs, I told Maggie that she definitely lived up to her “Hollywood” nickname. She just wanted to see my photos to check on her pitching form, something she’s worked on perfecting by watching countless YouTube videos of Jennie Finch and Cat Osterman. She’s not messing around, folks!

Do you have an event that your kids are participating in–a game, a meet, a recital, a performance–that you’d like me to document in photos? Just let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m off to Saugatuck, Michigan to check out my parents’ new “baby”: the lakeside cottage they just finished building. It’s going to be great!




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