Another summer session!

Last weekend, I traveled to the suburb of Park Ridge to take photos of a great family of 4: Gretchen, Todd, Gabi (3), and Beckett (approx. 1.5). The family had moved from the city to the ‘burbs in February, so this is their first summer in this home. Gabi and Beckett are  energetic and super fun; when Gretchen asked Gabi that morning where she wanted to take pictures, Gabi said, “Flo Rida’s house.” Since we were unable to to get in contact with Mr. Flo Rida, we kept it local, and we were  able to grab a few family shots in front of their awesome wooden front door, and then we took advantage of their great front and back yards and just let the kids play–and run, run, run. Gabi in particular has an incredibly animated face and is really outgoing, so she was a total hoot to photograph–some of the photos that are my favorites aren’t necessarily of her smiling but rather of her making some sort of awesome facial expression.

Below are some of my personal favorites. Have a wonderful rest of the week, y’all!


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