Made in Manhattan

Happy August, everyone! It’s warming up again–hurrah!

Last week, I ventured all the way to Manhattan, where I spent a bit of time visiting amazing museums and sipping Cosmos with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, all the while wearing fabulous shoes…

Okay, it wasn’t THAT Manhattan (but can you tell I’ve caught a few Sex and the City reruns on E! this summer?). Anyway, I went south to Manhattan, Illinois, which to me is fabulous for its gorgeous open land areas, beautiful vistas, and neighborhoods full of houses that all look different from each other. I spent part of an evening at the home of Christina, Joe, and their littl girl Lydia, who will be 2 years old this month. Lydia was kind enough to let my camera and I follow her around her awesome back and front yard as she investigated fallen black walnuts, took a spin on the golf cart with her dad, visited  her neighbor across the street, hopped on an antique kid-sized John Deere tractor, and checked out just a few of the many beautiful flowers that the family has in and around their yard.  (Can you tell that their outdoor space is amazing? Because it is. Lydia is super lucky to get to grow up there–and what’s even cooler is that her dad, Joe, grew up there, too. Their home was his family home since he was in elementary school.)

I was able to get some wonderful shots of both Lydia and the family, with a few cameo appearances by Boots, the family’s sweet, gentle black labrador retriever–and I swear Boots was smiling in a bunch of the photos!

Enjoy the weekend!



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