Keeping it local!

I’ve been friends with Jill for over 20 years, ever since we became friends in 7th grade gym classs; actually, we can trace our friendship roots even further back, as we took some dance classes that involved yellow tutus and tambourines when we were about 8 years old (there’s photographic evidence of this). In the past 5 years, Jill married Andy, and they have two awesome little girls, Lana (3.5) and Paige (1.5, and my goddaughter/namesake of this business). I finally got to take pictures of all of them last week, and we stayed local and went to downtown Lockport and had a blast–and I was able to get some beautiful photos, too. Lana was the epitome of a model picture-taker, happy and cooperative, and Paige was game for it all, too, even while stoically studying her surroundings.  And afterward, we grilled out and had ice cream. Who can beat that?

My real job begins again on Monday. High schoolers, here I come. But Maggie Paige Photography is still here to meet your needs, so let me know if I can schedule an evening or weekend session for you and your family. It’s not too early to start thinking about pictures for holiday cards, is it? I don’t think so!

Thanks for reading and viewing. Happy weekend!




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