Sunday at the Lake

Hey all! In October, I photographed a super fun family of 5: mom Lisa, dad Ray, 3-year-old twins Kayla and Alexa, and 1.5-year-old Olivia. The girls were outgoing and friendly and just an absolute blast–and they looked adorable in shades of purple and gray, and the twins were wearing the cutest boots ever! The girls were game for taking pictures in any spot, from the shores of the lake to hugging a tree trunk (their idea!), and they especially loved geting into the piles upon piles of dry autumn leaves that covered the grounds of Lake Tampier. There were tons of cute pics of these photogenic girls, and just a few of my faves follow.

Hope the cold, cold weekend found you warm and cozy! Happy Thanksgiving (soon)!




Beautiful Bartlett Morning

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I photographed an adorable family of three: Beth, Jason, and 1.5-year-old Caroline. We met in the morning at Pratt’s Wayne Woods in Bartlett, IL, and it was crisp and cool but just so beautiful. Beth and Jason were so easy-going, and it was so nice to hang out with people in the education field (Jason is a Social Studies teacher and department chair, and Beth is a social worker). Caroline was sweet, happy, and full of energy, and she was super funny when I started showing her that her image was showing up on my camera screen–she couldn’t get enough of seeing her cute little face! A few of my favorite shots are below–it was tough to choose, let me tell you!

Thanks for looking. Hope the fall is treating you well!



Fall at the Farm! (Part Two)

Hi friends. 

So, I was privileged enough to be asked to take pictures by one of my dearest friends, Mary. Mary and I have been friends since junior high, when I had braces and was growing out my mullet and she wore a ponytail smack dab on top of her head that was longer than she was tall. 🙂 Anyway, Mary is the proud mama of two beauties, Eddison and Ella, and she and her extended family all gathered a couple of weeks ago to take some family photos–all 12 of them! The group included a 10-month-old, an 18-month-old, a 22-month-old, a 3-year-old, and a 7-year-old–yowza! In between the movement and the running and some stonefacing, we managed to get some great pics. Mary’s dad, Eddie, who passed away three years ago, was sorely missed, but his memory was honored with the inclusion of a framed photo and in many other ways, too, from his namesake Eddie B to the ways in which his sons-in-law and his daughters often emulate his spirit. These people are wonderful, warm, good-humored, and just all-around amazing, and they have known me for a very long time; if I were to need a second family, I know they would be it. So, I hope they love the photos as much as I do!

Be back soon with more autumn pics! The trees are still beautiful, as I can see patches of fiery orange and red from my window right now–I love the fall. 🙂