Family Time at Lake Katherine

Hi all! Happy holidays to you and yours! I hope the holiday was everything you hoped it would be and that the approaching new year bring you joy and peace.

Now that this teacher lady has a bit of downtime during winter break, I can catch up a bit on posting a few of my more recent sessions–I was so lucky to be busy during the fall season, and I want y’all to be able to see what I was up to and all the cute kids (and grown-ups) that I photographed. First up: a session with an old (longevity, not age) friend, Michelle, who was one of my pals at Augustana College back in the day; she now has a great husband, Will, who is a teacher, and two fun kids, Eleanor (4) and Ethan (6). We met on a brisk but beautiful day at Lake Katherine in Palos, and the kids were able to run all over the grounds and check out sticks, trees, logs, waterfalls–you name it. Michelle was a trouper in her boots, as she was dealing with a foot injury but wasn’t about to sacrifice family pic time!

Enjoy! Be back soon.




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