Oh Emilia, just stealin’ some hearts (sing it to the tune of “Cecilia”)…

Hi again! Told you I’d be back soon. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph sweet 1-week-old Emilia, daughter of Mike and Laurie and little sister to almost-2-year-old Will. Both Mike and Laurie are teachers like me (Mike teaches high school and Laurie teaches 3rd grade), and Mike happens to be an old friend from college who was set up with  Laurie, who happens to be… A) the sister of my good friend at work AND B) the colleague of my close high school friend’s best friend from college (did you follow that? Yes, Virginia, this is a small world, after all).

Anyway, Laurie and Mike are just the nicest people ever (I mean, they hooked me up with a brownie for the road on my way out–bonus!), and Will is adorable and good-natured, but the star of the show this stormy Sunday afternoon was Emilia, who was awake and alert for most of the shoot and just a total doll. She has gorgeous dark hair already and was a champ as we donned her in a variety of “outfits”: the super cute Chicago Bears hat, the yellow flowered blanket that had been Laurie’s as a baby, a Ralph Lauren ensemble and huge flower headband given to her as a gift, and a mauve crocheted hat and pants. In the end, we got some beautiful photos of a beautiful baby with a few choice shots of bro, mom, dad, and even Roxy the dog; I couldn’t ask for more. Just some of my favorites appear in the gallery below.

Happy New Year! May it be lovely and bright and full of promise.




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