Back when leaves were on the trees…

Hey everyone!

I’m posting another set of pics of a great family whom I was lucky enough to photograph back in the late fall–seems so long ago, huh? Tony, Erika, and their beautiful raven-haired kids Isla and Niko are just wonderful, so easy-going ¬†and kind, and we had a blast playing outside around their house, with sweet family dog Chewy even joining us for parts of our fun. Tony has been a friend and co-worker of mine for seven years, and it was so nice to spend some time just hangin’ with him and his family. Isla and Niko will be welcoming a little sister in just a couple months, so this happy family of four will soon be an even happier family of five–excuse me, six including Chewy–and I can’t wait to meet Tony and Erika’s new baby girl!

Springtime is almost here–I can feel it. Let me know if Maggie Paige Photography can help you capture any family memories for you, okay?