Four Kids = More Fun

Hey, y’all! I’m back catching up on my session posts from a little bit ago; even when we were stuck in the midst of the longest.coldest.winter.EVER, I was able to sneak in some great sessions. For this one, I went over to the house of the Saso Family to photograph Jody and Pete’s four cool kids: Alyssa, Dom, Gigi, and Rocco (listed in descending order from eldest to littlest). They were such a hoot; Gigi and Dom are smiley and gregarious and didn’t mind hamming it up for the camera at all, and big sis Alyssa oversaw the precedings with the calm, cool, and gentle demeanor of a patient older sibling (though I hear she’s a pretty tough force on the basketball court). 3-month-old Rocco was just as sweet as can be and was happy to be held by his siblings or fly solo for a few portraits of his own. It was really just a fun, lovely winter afternoon.

Oh, and also, these kids are absolutely gorgeous. You’ll see.

Even though the weather prevented us from enjoying the outdoors, it just goes to show that if you’ve got a lovely home with good natural light like the Sasos do, we can rock a photo session. Of course, spring is coming now, right? Right? It has to be. It will. So, just let me know if I can book a spring or summer session for you–Maggie Paige Photography is scheduling now!

Have a wonderful week!