Hangin’ with Will and Emmy

Hi again! Today I’ve got some great shots courtesy of 2.5-year-old Will, 7-month-old Emmy, and mom Laurie and dad Mike (with a cameo by the super sweet and well-behaved black lab Roxy). You may remember them from an earlier post in which Emmy was just a sweet little newborn. Now, she’s still gorgeously wide-eyed, and she’s also full of smiles and loving being able to scoot/crawl all over the place. On this visit, big brother Will greeted me at the front door with his red vaccuum (unplugged, but he was still vigorous in its use), and after a minute or so of greetings, he looked me straight in the eyes and earnestly asked, “How are you doing?” He’s a hoot. He is such a genuine and fun-loving little boy, and I had such a great time getting to take photos for this family again.

Oh, and that sweet pink-and-white collared dress that Emmy is adorably wearing in a few pics? That was Laurie’s when she was a baby. 🙂

Hope you like the pictures and are enjoying this last month of summer!




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