Family Fun in the Summer Sun

Hi all! Forgive the delay in recent blog updates; I’ve been taking photos like crazy, but my Internet connection has been in and out due to powers beyond my control [shakes fist at Comcast powers-that-be]. However, all is well now, and I’m posting session highlights of a beautiful family: Laura, Jake, 4.5-year-old Claire, and 2.25-year-old Molly. Laura and Jake were my first “clients” before I even had an official business, asking me to take pictures of Claire when she was 6 months old, so I will always be grateful to them for the encouragement and motivation to turn a hobby that I love into a job that I love!

Anyway, these pics were taken on a beautiful morning in a forest preserve, and at the end of the shoot, we added some extended family to the shoot: Laura’s sister Melissa (my BFF from college), brother-in-law Troy, niece Julia, and nephew Lucas. These kids are all just gorgeous, funny, and good-natured, and we ended up with lots of shots that I totally love. Enjoy!

And happy autumn! As I type this, the rain outside looks to be on the borderline of becoming snowflakes, so fingers crossed that the weather rebounds and gives us the beautiful fall we deserve!