Fall Photo Bonanza (Part One)

Hi all! Forgive me, as it’s been a bit of time since my last post, but the fall was just so wonderfully busy with photo sessions and work commitments that I’m just now catching up on my posts! In order to efficiently give you a sense of some of the work I’ve done this fall, I’m going to deviate from my traitional posting methods and combine “highlights” of several sessions into one blog post. (Note: this is TREMENDOUSLY difficult for me, as I have so many loved photos and a hard time making decisions, especially when those decisions mean eliminating options. Seriously, I take forever with a restaurant menu because I love all the choices and simply don’t want to just have to choose one thing to eat. I know. #TheStruggleIsReal)

Anyhoo, here’s Part One of what I’m calling the Fall Photo Bonanza, and just be prepared: it’s adorable child overload time! We have sweet 8-day-old Harper in some of these pics, with cameos by older sister Heidi; there’s the red-haired dynamic sister duo of Keira and Kayla; and there is a pair of plaid-shirted brothers named Andrew and Blake, repeat clients who are a total hoot and have both graced my website’s cover page. There’s also a blond-and-brunette sister duo dressed in pink named Alivia and Addison, also repeat clients, and they simply get more beautiful each time I see them. Keep an eye out for 3-month-old Blake in his dapper t-shirt/tie combo (too. cute.) as well as his Chicago Bears gear, and nearly-2-year-old Tommy will charm you with his auburn curls and big blue eyes. Also, we have a bro-and-sis combo from another wonderful family of repeat clients: 6-month-old Jack and 2.5-year-old Caroline, who simply rocked her hot pink pants in our forest preserve session.

Enjoy these photos, and look for Part Two soon! I hope the new year is already being kind to you.