Happy Summer! Back and bloggin’!

Hi all!

Well, admittedly, it’s been a bit too long since I’ve added a new post here (darn you, full-time job!), but this is the long-awaited “Part Two” of the aforemetioned Fall Pics Bonanza. There are some great reminders of what makes fall beautiful in the Midwest, and of course, there are MANY adorable children and beautiful families as well. In particular, I must give a shout-out to Landon, Nora, Matthew, Lauren, Meg, Erin, and Nora (the baby) for being such awesome kid subjects–they were a blast whether we were in a forest preserve, climbing trees by the Naperville Riverwalk, or traipsing around a barn and its surrounding fields.

Enjoy the pics! There will be more coming from a few winter and early spring sessions (promise). Oh, and now that it’s summer, it’d be a great time to take those photos of the family or the kids that you keep meaning to get–just let me know how I can help you capture memories!




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