Hi there! My name is Kristin Mattera, and I’m a high school English teacher in the southwest ‘burbs of Chicago who also takes photographs of babies, kids, and families. I have always loved photography, and in the past several years, my friends started having children, and being around them spurred me to create my own photography business. I tell them I’m glad all their kids turned out to be so gorgeous–I don’t have to make the camera work hard at all!

My company gets its name from my two goddaughters: Margaret Mei, called Maggie, who is 14 and just started high school (making the Varsity volleyball team in the progress), and Paige Kay, who is 4.5 years old, speaks her mind, and always chooses her own outfits.

I love many things: traveling to new places, my family and dear friends, brownies without nuts, down comforters, my husband and our awesome dogs Norm and Penny, and (of course) photography. I truly try to make each picture depict a moment–a moment that you’ll then have preserved in time, for you to keep and visit over and over again. Please visit the Sessions page for more information, and check out the Blog to see samples of my recent work–and then let me know if you have any moments that you and your family would like to preserve in photographs.

Thanks for visiting.



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