Familypalooza: 2 parents, 5 kids, 8 grandchildren, and a whole lot of good times

Hey y’all! I’m back with photos of the largest family session I’ve done yet: 19 people! Pat and Jim are the proud parents of five kids; those kids have four spouses and eight children (ranging in age from 5 to 12) between them, and they all met me at a great preserve in Wheaton for a full family session. Despite it getting warm quickly and the bugs coming out to nibble us, this shoot was tons of fun, as these kids were seriously like professionals–they were great sports, totally enthusiastic, and willing to try anything (especially if it involved climbing/sitting/leaning/perching on a boulder of some sort). We took full group photos, sibling groups, individual families, and just about every combination we could imagine–and, of course, a bunch of candids.

My friend Kate is one of the five children of Pat and Jim, and she’s one of my closest friends whom I’ve known since we were just killin’ it (a.k.a. wearing awkward ’90s clothes) in junior high together (FYI: Kate LOVED Jared Leto and Leo DiCaprio back then–she was ahead of her time). I’d tell you that she’s the one with red hair, but, well, you’ll see that there are a couple of very cool redheads in these photos. 🙂  It was so nice to hang with her entire family, and I’m really pleased with the color and vibrancy of these photos. Those kids brought this session to life, and it was a blast to shoot.

No family is too large to photograph! Can anyone beat my current record of 19 people for one session? Just let me know if I can take photos for your whole family!

Enjoy the day!



Fun at the Farm with a Four-Year-Old

Hi all! I’m back with some pics taken at a super cute “farm” (it’s not a working farm, clearly, or they wouldn’t let me cavort about on the grounds with cameras and such) where I met the focus of the session, 4-year-old Olivia, called Liv.

Liv is the daughter of Nicole, who was one of my funniest classmates at good ol’ LoPo (you’ll figure it out) High School. As you can see, Liv is just gorgeous, and she certainly kept me on my toes during the shoot, running from spot to spot and just being her spirited self! Nicole and Liv sported some fabulous coordinating outfits for some great mother-and-daughter shots, and later, we were joined by Nicole’s boyfriend, Chris (also a nice throwback to high school!) and then Liv’s three incredibly sweet cousins–Eddie, Brianna, and Francesca–so that Nicole and her sister could get some group photos for the grandparents.

I love the variety of backgrounds here for these kind and good-looking folks, from barn to grassland to trees, and I hope you enjoy perusing these pictures!



A Lovely Morning in the Forest Preserve

Happy Sunday! Today I’ve got some great pictures from a family shoot that allowed me to meet Brian, Meredith, Brian (2 1/2 years), and Anna (8 months). It was a gorgeous morning that allowed us to traipse through the grounds, from trails to grassland to the banks of a pond. We encountered a number of dogs, including a sled dog team (for real)–the first I’d ever seen and certainly never expected to see in Illinois!

Fun fact: these kids are the cousins of baby Elizabeth, who was featured just a few posts ago in my blog. This family is so kind, good-humored, and easy-going, and Brian (the younger) was a bundle of energy who loved exploring the trails, and I swear that Anna never stopped smiling the whole time. Oh, and these kids have just the most beautiful eyes–am I right, or am I right?

Enjoy the pics! I enjoyed hanging out with this wonderful family.



Harrison = 2. Woot woo!

Hi again!

Today I’ve got some great photos from a 2-year-old’s super fun birthday party earlier this summer. Harrison is the son of my friends Lisa and Dave, who (along with their whole extended family) have known me since I was an awkward junior high student with a semi-mullet (#truth). Lisa can’t help but do things to their ultimate awesomeness, so for this farm-themed party, she pulled out all the stops, from mason jar drinks and legit hay bales to a petting zoo and horseback rides–all on the beautiful property of Harrison’s grandparents’ home.

Harrison took a few minutes to seriously contemplate all these unusally fun aspects of his party (often clutching his toy motorcycle, as you’ll see in a photo) before realizing that it was awesome and he loved it all, and he and the other kids particularly dug the horseback rides and the cupcakes (solid choices). As for me, I had a blast seeing the kids interact with the animals (I said “hey” to the goats, too), and it was a gorgeous day for everyone to be outside, run around, eat tasty food, and celebrate an adorable little boy. Happy birthday, Harrison!

Remember, Maggie Paige Photography can document any event that you’d like to remember–birthdays, sports games, recitals–but don’t want to have to worry about wielding a camera. Let me take the photos so you can enjoy the event and actually be in the moment. I’d be more than happy to help. 🙂




Welcome to the world, lil’ Elizabeth!

Hi all! Well, as a follow-up to the two adorable newborn boys featured in the blog a few days ago, today I have a beautiful little baby girl session for you to peruse. Elizabeth is the first child of Erin and Larry, and she was almost four weeks old when I took these pictures, so she was starting to really wiggle and discover the ins and outs of her world (mostly her arms and legs!) when I met her. Elizabeth is lucky enough to have awesome parents as well as a big extended family filled with tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins–she’s going to have a blast as she grows up!

Enjoy the photos! Contact me at if you’d like to book a children’s or family session of your own!



Boy, oh boy!

Hi all! Today I have a 2-for-1 deal for you: two sets of newborn baby boy pics in one post! The first little guy is Jack, and he was photographed when he was just a week old. He’s the firstborn of Beth and Tom, who are both teachers, and he’s adorable, calm, and sweet–but little does he know that in 17 years, his mom and dad are going to be sparring about whether he attends the University of Illinois (mom’s choice) or the University of Missouri (dad’s choice)!

The second handsome little guy (his first pic is in the striped grey-and-taupe hat) is Lucas, who is the son of Melis and Troy and the little brother of beautiful 2-year-old Julia. I was able to photograph and meet Lucas when he was just four days old, and he was super easygoing and pretty darn alert for much of our time together. Then, once he fell asleep, he squirmed until he was sleeping on his side–in the same position that his big sister likes to sleep. Isn’t that so sweet?

Enjoy the pics of these adorable guys! Email me at if you’d like to set up a session of your own!



Have You Met Greta?

Hey all! Happy, happy, happy summer! This teacher gal is ready to usher in the sunshine and warmth (not to mention a couple of months during which I have no essays to grade). Thanks for your patience in my updating this blog, and let me introduce you to sweet Greta! She’s six months old in these pics from the spring, and she lives in a really gorgeous historic home in Oak Park with her mom, Virginia, and dad, Eric. Fun fact: in some of the photos, Greta is wearing a pink dress with a white collar–and that was the same dress her mom Virginia wore at that age. Cool, right?

As you can see, Greta has the most beautiful skin, an adorable grin, and just gorgeous eyes–and she was happy, sweet, and totally willing to change locales and outfits during our shoot. Sweet Greta, indeed!

Summer is great time to make family memories and put them in digital file form; please let me know if I can help do that for you and your kids!