Descriptions and Pricing

There are several session options to choose from, and I’m also more than happy to come up with a customized package for you–let me know what you’d like to do! None of my pricing currently includes different weekend vs. weekday rates; I’m happy to work on any day that works for you and your family, though the available daylight does often determine best session times.

**All session prices include a flash drive of at least 30-40 edited images as well as a complimentary 8×10 glossy print.**

On-Site Session ($140): I come to your home or we meet at a location of your choice: local playground, forest preserve, pumpkin patch, soccer field, garden, or something of that sort–the “site” is up to you (and I have suggestions if you need ’em!).  I’ll spend between 1-1 1/2 hours snapping photos of your kid(s) playing, posing, or a combination of the two. If I come to your home, I will work to determine which area has the best natural light; I may have to make a few minor furniture moves, but I promise to leave everything exactly as I found it.

“A Day in the Life” Session ($170): Did you ever wish that you could freeze time to capture the moments that make up a typical day in your family’s life? This session is the way to do that. I’ll come to your home or along on an outing for up to four hours and photographically capture the day for you, whether your child is tipping his sippy cup upside down, running wildly through the sprinkler, or snuggling on your lap for storytime. All moments are worth preserving. This session is a great option for people who want to get wonderful, natural “family photos” without the stuffiness and pressure of an unfamiliar studio atmosphere.

Event Session ($160): Your kid is doing something cool: pitching her first softball game, dancing in a recital, swimming in a meet in his new age group, or celebrating a birthday. You’re going to be there, of course, but you’re going to be busy, want to socialize with family, or don’t want to miss the moments by having your eye stuck to a lens. Let me help. I’ll come to the event and document it journalistically, unobtrusively capturing your child’s moments while you get to simply enjoy watching them.

Newborn Session ($200): For convenience, I come to your house within the first 2-3 weeks of your baby’s arrival; I will bring blankets and wraps that we can use as needed to keep baby warm and comfortable as he or she “works it” (i.e., sleeps) for the camera. These session are much like on-site sessions but often require more time, possibly between 2-3 hours; I will never rush a newborn session because I recognize that plenty of feeding, soothing, and holding breaks might be needed!

  • All pricing assumes travel within a 25-mile radius of zip code 60540; for every additional ten miles beyond that radius, please add $5 to the total.
  • All pricing is inclusive when 1-2 children are the subjects of the session. For a family of 4, an On-site Session is $150. Every two additional family members thereafter adds $15 to the total price, except for the “A Day in the Life” session, which is priced to include all the immediate family members who wish to be photographed.
  • Currently, cash and checks are accepted forms of payment, and payments are due in full on the day of the session. 

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