From a Family of 3 to a Family of 4…

Hi all! Today, I’m posting photos from two sessions: a family shoot from January 2015 featuring Kelly, Tony, and not-quite-2-year-old Tyler, and then a follow-up session from April 2015, with the same great people plus one new addition, 10-week-old Elsie. Kelly and Tony are just really darn awesome–genuine, easygoing, and funny (and they always seem to have coffee brewing that they share with me, so that’s the best), and Tyler is a super sweet, silly, and good-natured toddler. And then, on my second visit to their home, it was a pleasure to meet beautiful Elsie; she has a wickedly gorgeous shock of dark hair and adorably chubby cheeks, and she is quick to give the sweetest smile you’ve seen in a long time.

This set of shoots was the first pre-baby and post-baby combo that I have done, and I LOVED doing it; it was so cool to come back and meet the newest addition to the family and to check in and hear how things are going for them as they adjust to life as parents of two kids under the age of 2! Enjoy the photos, and let me know how I can record some memories for you and your family–summer is a great time to take photos!




Sneak peek!

Hi there! Forgive me for being away for a bit; between the full-time job and the photo jobs, I’ve been busy and not as good of a blog updater as I should be. As I work on finishing photo sets for a 15-person-family, a wedding, and a newborn shoot, enjoy this just-too-cute picture of 2-week-old Chase, the son of my dear friend Carey and her husband Erik. I mean…look at this adorable guy! Too. Sweet. 

More soon! Have a great week.